Fairview Hearing Center

Fairview’s newly expanded Hearing Center offers full diagnostic, comprehensive hearing evaluations and treatment, as well as hearing aid devices. The Audiologist works with patients by giving hearing aid recommendations and fittings, including follow-up services. The Fairview Hearing Center also offers full-time walk-in hearing aid support, just walk in to the same location you receive your everyday medical care.

The Fairview Hearing Center is located at Fairview Mesaba Clinics - Hibbing. 

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Our Services: 

■ Diagnostic hearing evaluations 

■ Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting 

■ Hearing Aid Repairs/Programming 

■ Assistive Listening Devices 

■ Custom Hearing Protection and Swim Molds 

■ A lab for hearing aid cleaning, maintenance and minor repairs 

■ iPod© and MP3 Player Custom-Molds 

■ Musician Earplugs and Monitors 

■ Hearing Aid batteries and supplies 

■ On-site support staff to assist with walk-in needs 

■ ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Services 

The Fairview Hearing Center provides comprehensive hearing aid exams and consults for infants through adults; fitting of a wide range of digital hearing instruments; and follow-up services. 

We also offer on-site support staff to assist with walk-in needs. The audiologist recommends that you bring a family member or friend with you to the appointment. It is helpful to use a familiar voice in testing and hearing aid demonstrations.


What to Expect at Your Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation There are five main procedures that will be completed during your visit at Fairview Mesaba Clinic-Hibbing for infants through adults: 

■ Case History 

■ Otoscopy 

■ Tympanometry

■ Audiology Evaluation 

■ Test Results/Recommendations


 “My alertness is way better, my job performance is way better because I can hear so much better! I can hear birds, I can hear wolves! You have changed my life completely in a positive way!”

– Sherie Griffiths  (After going through the hearing aid process)

“I have tried hearing aids before, but I couldn't always join in the conversation while riding in the car with my friends because the road noise was too much. Now, with my hearing aids from Fairview Mesaba Clinic, I am so amazed that I can hear what the ladies in the back seat are saying. I can be social now! My new hearing aids have really been a blessing.”
– Ruth Matucci


 Call 218-362-6188 to schedule your appointment to see if you could benefit from hearing aids.

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