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Foot Care Services

Healthy Foot Care Clinics

Because We Care!
Fairview Range Home Care and Hospice strives to meet all your home care needs.

Ten Tips For Your Toes
• Let your feet air and sun. Shoes promote
warm, dark, humid conditions that
contribute to bacterial-fungal infections.
• Avoid walking barefoot on streets or
unfamiliar areas. Walking barefoot in your
own home can even be a hazard. Stubbed
toes an be extremely painful.
• After a bath or shower, dry your feet
carefully between your toes.
• Wear clean socks daily. Select socks that
reduce friction. Blends of acrylic fiber,
cotton, or wool allow our feet to breathe.
• Corns and calluses develop from rubbing
and pressure from shoes. Choose a good
fitting shoe. Lamb’s wool cushions reduce
• Promote circulation to your feet by
walking. Foot massage, foot soaks in warm
water, and elevating your feet also provide
comfort and help circulation.
• Check your feet for blisters, cuts and
infection. Use a mirror to check area that
you can’t see.
• Cut toe nails straight across.
• If you feet are cold, put on another pair
of socks. Avoid using hot water bottles or
heating pads.
• Don’t smoke. Smoking reduces blood flow
and oxygen supply.

Fairview Range Home Care and Hospice Healthy Foot Care Clinic Sites
By appointment only call:
Iron Range
(218) 262-6982
(218) 272-6982

International Falls
Towels and Towel laundering
service courtesy of Rainy Lake
(218) 283-3031
(866) 748-2824

All visits $25.00 paid at the time of the appointment.

Fairview Range Home Care and Hospice Locations

Mesabi Mall – Suite 27
1101 East 37th Street
Hibbing, MN 55746
218-262-6982 877-272-6982

2716 Crescent Drive – Suite 1
International Falls, MN 56649
Across from Chocolate Moose Restaurant
218-283-3031 866-748-2824

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