Cancer Data Services

Fairview Cancer Data Services (CDS) maintains an information system specifically designed for the collection, management and analysis of clinical and demographic data on cancer patients.

CDS maintains data on all patients diagnosed and/or treated for cancer at Fairview Range Medical Center.

CDS prepares, analyzes and reports the data gathered. The aggregate information is used in planning, managing and evaluating the care of cancer patients at the local, state and national levels.

For more information about Cancer Data Services, call 218-362-6173.


Fairview Cancer Data Services is a part of our Patient Education and Resources department, and compiles, manages and analyzes clinical data on oncology patients diagnosed and/or treated at Fairview Range. Using national standards, we maintain a database to report information to governmental agencies as required by law. We supply cancer program statistics to administration, researchers, educators and medical personnel, with the goal to improve treatment and quality of life for cancer patients.


Minnesota state law requires Fairview CDS to report cancer data to the Minnesota Cancer Surveillance System. The information is used in public health planning. Fairview Range utilizes CDS to provide information for cancer program development. CDS is a valuable resource for researchers and health care providers interested in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Lifetime follow-up is an important aspect of cancer data collection. Patient follow-up serves as a reminder to physicians and patients to schedule regular clinical examinations and provides data to calculate statistics. Patients and physicians may receive a letter from CDS requesting follow-up information.

What is collected?

Demographic Information:

Age, gender, race/ethnicity and residence.


Medical History:

Physical findings, screening information, occupation and any history of previous cancer.


Cancer Information:

Primary site, cell type and extent of disease.


Cancer Therapy:

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone or immunotherapy.



Annual information concerning treatment, recurrence and patient status.

Is it confidential?

Cancer Data Services (CDS) staffs a certified tumor registrar professional who is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of patient identifiable information and related medical data. Only authorized Fairview Range researchers and clinical staff may request patient identifiable information.


The information is used for:
  • Patient follow-up
  • Treatment evaluation
  • Patient care improvement
  • Clinical Research
  • Administrative planning
  • Education
  • Outcome analysis

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