Fairview Mesaba Clinics and Fairview Range Medical Center have assembled a team of dedicated health care professionals focused on improving the health of our patients. The surgical specialists at Fairview Mesaba Clinics provide the necessary surgical expertise in the areas of general surgery, orthopedics/podiatry, obstetrics & gynecology, ear, nose, and throat (ENT), and ophthalmology. These surgeons have the expertise, skill and knowledge to care for you and give you the individual attention necessary for your specific medical needs. Understanding your medical needs and caring for your health is what our physicians are all about.


Overall, Fairview Range Medical Center medical staff has grown to be the largest active medical staff on the Iron Range with over 55 local physicians that can offer you a variety of surgical services in the following areas: 

■ Ear, Nose & Throat 

■ Obstetrics & Gynecology 

■ Orthopedics 

■ Ophthalmology 

■ General Surgery 

■ Gastroenterology 

■ Podiatry 

■ Oral Surgery 

As part of the growing medical staff of Fairview Range Medical Center, the surgeons at Fairview Mesaba Clinics join our other surgical specialists on staff at the medical center to provide you with the most comprehensive surgical care on the Iron Range. 

We are the largest medical center on the Iron Range and are dedicated to providing the most advance surgical care in the area. As an inpatient or outpatient, our team of surgical professionals can provide you with the most coordinated care plan to support your individual health care needs.


If you are scheduled to have a surgical or diagnostic procedure at Fairview Range Medical Center you may be interested in reviewing our Surgery Handbook. Please follow the guidelines outlined in this handbook to ensure your safety and the success of this procedure. You will also receive this information as printed pamphlet from a nurse prior to your surgery. 

Click the image below to view the Surgery Handbook. 

After you have read the handbook, call the Surgery Patient Education Nurse at Fairview Range Medical Center. Telephone 218-362-6709 or toll free 1-888-870-8626.


Pre-Operating Unit: 
The pre-operating unit is where the patient assessment is done. Patients are provided Bear Paws warming gowns or hospital gowns, the IV for the surgery is started, any lab work is drawn, the patient is interviewed by a Medical Doctor of Anesthesia, and the surgeon visits and/or marks the surgery site. This unit is staffed by RN's. 

Main Operating Room:

This is where a team of CRNA's, RN's, and Certified Surgical Technologists anesthetizes the patient, properly positions the patient for the scheduled surgery, prepares the surgical site and assists the surgeon in completion of the surgical procedure. 

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit:

 The post-anesthesia care unit is where the patient's vital signs, incisions, etc. are monitored before the patient is transferred to either Same Day Surgery or the Nursing floors. This unit is staffed by RN's. 

Same Day Surgery: 

 The 17 Same Day Surgery bays are private rooms equipped with television, can have piped in music and are curtained for privacy.


"Excellent experience! I was calm and relaxed and I trusted everyone. I will have sung your praise to all my family and friends! Thank you for the A+++ care." - Beverly Morrison, Breast Cancer Survivor 

"This was the best experience ever! I have had many surgeries at Fairview Range - this was great as far as surgeries go!" - Mary Johnson

Contact Us

For more information about our surgical services, you may call us directly at 218-362-6291 or call the main medical center at 218-262-4881 or 888-870-8626.

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