Wound/Ostomy Care Center
The Wound/Ostomy Care Center at Fairview Range Medical Center addresses the needs of those patients faced with difficult to heal wounds related to many underlying factors such as diabetes, impaired circulation, chronic bone infection, pressure and complications of radiated tissue damage, or other health conditions.  Limb salvage, timely healing and cost effective care are also a focus of this department.  This clinic utilizes a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to wound management.  We also address and assist with ostomy cares, fistula cares, and difficulties encountered with indwelling catheters and tubes.


■ Diabetes complications 

■ Non-healing surgical or injury sites 

■ Venous stasis ulcers 

■ Arterial ulcers 

■ Pressure ulcers (bed sores) 

■ Burns 

■ Cancer wounds 

■ Radiation therapy wounds 

■ Orthopedic wounds 

■ Infections 

■ Poor circulation 

Other Treatments: 

■ Ostomy care

■ Negative pressure wound therapy

■ Debridement 

■ Bowel and bladder programs

First Visit

Your first visit will involve obtaining a detailed health and wound history. You should bring the following: 
■ A list of your medications 

■ A brief medical and surgical history 

After your initial evaluation the staff will discuss your plan of care. Please call us for an appointment at 218-362-6514.

Patient Participation

You are vital to the success of your own healing. Open communication and questions are encouraged. 

■ Keep your appointments 

■ Follow directions carefully 

■ See your primary care physician for routine medical care 

■ Watch your progress closely between visits

Contact Us

The Wound/Ostomy Care Center is located in the Disease Management Department located on the second floor of Fairview Range Medical Center. Use the north parking lot and entrance to find us. For more information about the Wound/Ostomy Care Center, call 218-362-6224 or 888-870-8626 ext. 6224

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