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Fairview To Stop Selling Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Posted 1 years 54 days ago ago by Fairview Range

In an effort to promote healthier communities, Fairview Health Services will stop selling sugar-sweetened beverages in its facilities, including hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, effective April 3. 

“Obesity and chronic disease are two of the top health issues in our communities,” said Carolyn Jacobson, chief human resources officer at Fairview. “The removal of sugar-sweetened beverages is part of our community health strategy.”

The change applies to all cafeterias, vending machines and retail areas. Consumers will find alternative beverage choices instead. 

Patients, employees and visitors are welcome to bring sugar-sweetened beverages to Fairview facilities and consume them. Patients with a medical need to have a sugar-sweetened beverage will continue to have that need met in coordination with their care team.

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