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Financial Assistance Programs

Do You Need Help Paying for Health Care?

We treat all our patients with respect, whether or not you can pay for care. And we will treat any patient in an Emergency. But what happens if you get a medical bill, and you can’t pay it? You can apply for help through one of our programs: Charity care and Senior Partners.

Fairview Range Charity Care

The Charity Care program provides a discount on bills for most charges. The program may cover current and past outstanding bills and remains in effect for 3 months after enrollment. If you qualify, this chart shows who can get free or discounted care.

Before applying for the Charity Care program, you may be asked to first apply for help with the county or state. If you currently have no coverage and are a Minnesota resident, please visit the MNsure website at or call 1-855-366-7873. If you are not a Minnesota resident, visit your state's health care reform website.

Senior Partners

Senior Partners is a partnership between Fairview and the Senior Community Services available to qualifying Minnesota residents enrolled in Medicare part A and B. This program helps with charges that Medicare does not cover, like deductibles. Applications for enrollment can be found at or by calling 1-800-662-5711, ext. 7337 (toll free). 

Uninsured Patient Discount

Fairview Range provides upfront discounts to uninsured patients for both hospital and clinic services that are medically necessary. FAP Exclusions (PDF)

Discounts will automatically process and show up on your bill for those patients who qualify.

Learn More and apply:                                                         Additional Resources:
Financial Assistance Policy (PDF)                                 
Range Charity Care Application (PDF)                         

Billing and Collection Policy (PDF)

Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary (PDF)

For more information about any Financial Assistance Program, please call Patient Financial Services at 218-362-6624 or toll-free 1-877-390-6624.

Common Questions about Charity Care

Services covered
The Fairview Range Charity Care program covers charges for most services. It does not cover charges for:
- Certain medical services (FAP Exclusions PDF)
- Care that is not needed (care not approved by a Fairview doctor or trial treatments)
- Care not offered at Fairview
- Services given at Fairview by independent providers (FAP Providers Excluded PDF)
- Retail services from pharmacies or hearing center, etc.

If you do not know whether the care you are seeking is covered, please ask us. If you have questions, call 218-362-6624 or (toll-free) 877-390-6624.

Can I apply for financial help for my hospital bill if I can’t pay the rest of my bill?

Yes. If your insurance has paid part of the bill but you need help in paying your balance, you can apply for Charity Care.

Why do I need to look for other funds before I receive financial help?
No single organization can meet the needs of all patients who are unable to pay. Patients who need financial help should use all resources for which they are qualify.

What factors determine the help I’ll receive?

Patients qualify for help based on income, assets and family size. If you qualify, you will get a 50-100 percent discount on medically necessary services. Charity Care Income & Asset Guidelines (PDF)

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
For more information about Fairview Range Charity Care program, please call Patient Financial Services at 218-362-6624 or (toll-free) 877-390-6624.

Applying for Charity Care

Thank you for your interest in Fairview Range’s Charity Care program. Please use the application to apply for this program. Not supplying the information requested or a reasonable substitute within 30 days may disqualify you for assistance.

To apply review the instructions below and complete our Charity Care Application Form (PDF). 
Step 1: Complete and sign the application form.
- List the names and birth dates for each family member applying for the program. If you do not list them on the form, they will not be included.
- If married, both parties will need to sign the application.
- Your family size is the number of supported family members in your household. This should be the same as what you’ve listed on your tax return.

Step 2: Attach these items to your application. We will keep your records confidential. Please include records for all adults in your household.

- A copy of your most recent 1040 Federal Income Tax Form

- Records of income over the past three months. (Examples: Pay stubs, social security award letter, and unemployment stubs)

- Copies of current bank statements for all checking and savings accounts.  Provide as much information as possible regarding your assets.

- Optional: a letter explaining any recent events that might affect your ability to pay your medical bills.

Step 3: Return the form with the above records to the following address: 

Fairview Range

Attn: Patient Financial Services

750 E 34th Street
Hibbing, MN 55746

Partial applications will not be accepted and returned to the applicant. At such time, collection on balances due will resume. 

Step 4: If you have applied for Medical Assistance, you will receive a letter of approval or denial. Send a copy of the letter with this application. 

Charity Care may help pay for Fairview Range bills with balances greater than $250.00. It is intended as a form of assistance in the time of financial need –it does not replace your insurance. To encourage patients to not look at Charity care as a means of insurance; eligibility will be once a year for 3 months. If you or your spouse has access to an affordable health plan, but you’ve chosen not to, you are not eligible for this program.

You will keep receiving bills until we have your completed application. You are responsible for balances in our office. Those accounts that have legal fees will not be eligible for Charity Care. 

If you have any questions, or you can’t return the forms on time, please call me at (218) 362-6624.

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