Community Health
Working together to build healthy communities.  

The goal of community health is to improve the health of our communities through partnerships, prevention, and promotion.  There are a number of  partnerships that are the key to community health initiatives.  Through partnerships, we can actively work together with organizations in the community that share our interest in improving health by sharing strengths and resources to offer services and programs, as well as seek out funding for community health initiatives for our community.


Mesabi Safe Communities Coalition - "Driving Towards Zero Deaths" 

■ This partnership is funded by the Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety 

■ Members include schools, youth groups, law enforcement, businesses, health care organizations, & others 

■ Based on need: high rate of alcohol-related injuries and fatalities; low rate of seat belt use 

■ Activities: Seat belt initiatives, monthly car seat clinics, DUI awareness, etc. 

■ Goal: To reduce the number of injuries and fatalities related to motor vehicle crashes Hibbing Chemical Health Advisory Committee 

The Hibbing Chemical Health Advisory Committee

■ The Hibbing Chemical Health Advisory Committee(HCHAC) was established in April 2009 to address the community’s needs concerning chemical use. Members currently include professionals from the schools and community college, law enforcement, the judiciary, churches, the legal community, public health and healthcare fields, businesses, parents, young adults, youth and youth serving organizations. 

■ Activities: Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG), community educational events, etc. 

■ Mission: To promote the well-being of our community’s chemical health through education, prevention and awareness

Hibbing Healthy Lifestyles Coalition

■ The Hibbing Healthy Lifestyles Coalition was first organized in May of 2005, to address the growing problem of obesity in the Hibbing area. Active members include representatives from the City of Hibbing, Hibbing Parks and Recreation Department, Hibbing Public Library, Fairview Range Medical Center, School District 701, Hibbing Community Education, Innovative Nutrition for Arrowhead Community (INAC), Hibbing Early Childhood Initiative, Mesabi Trail Project, Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce, Hibbing Daily Tribune, and St. Louis County Public Health. 

■ Activities: Fit City events, healthy recipes (featured in local newspaper and online), community health fairs, etc. 

■ Mission: The Healthy Lifestyles Coalition’s goal is to reduce obesity through information, education and innovative low or no cost options that empower community members to make healthy lifestyle choices for a lifetime.

Contact Us

For more information, contact the Community Health Outreach Coordinator, Cheryl Bisping, at 218-312-3012 or email

Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessments are detailed reports that shed light on the evolving health needs of the communities we serve and help us meet those needs going forward. It’s a process Fairview has undergone voluntarily every three years since 1995 - such assessments are now required by law under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 

Fairview's Community Health Needs Assessment process is valuable work aligned with our core mission to improve the health of the communities we serve. 

“Our true goal is to identify two or three priority areas across each community and locate evidence-based programs that address those needs,” says Ann Ellison, director of community and church relations. “For example, if we see a need for work around obesity prevention, we’ll find an organization that addresses that need and partner with them, or create our own solution.”

Tobacco Cessation Classes

Tobacco Cessation Support Classes

Fairview Range proudly offers American Cancer Society’s Freshstart tobacco cessation support classes. Classes are instructed by Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists who are also certified as Tobacco Cessation Training Specialists. The primary goal of Freshstart is to help participants plan a successful quit attempt. Anyone who wants to quit using tobacco may participate. Sessions are one hour long and registration is first come, first served. (Class size is limited to 10 people).

Session 1:  Decide To Quit

Session 2: Plan to Quit

Session 3: Your Quit Date

Session 4: Staying Quit

$20 (refunded if you attend all 4 sessions)

Call Cheryl for upcoming class times: 218-312-3012

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an internationally recognized evidence-based program that was created and is managed by the National Council for Behavioral Health. It is an eight-hour class that helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of addiction and mental illnesses. You learn by engaging in the materials and relating what you learn to real-life situations. Role-playing, group discussions, and exercises keep you engaged and allow you to practice helping skills. 

Click HERE for more information on Mental Health First Aid.

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