Women's Health & Birth Center

There's no better place to bring your baby into the world than the Women's Health & Birth Center (WHBC) at Fairview Range Medical Center. You see, we believe the miracle of childbirth warrants an impressive setting. That's why you'll find our private suites bring the comforts of home to your birth experience. Cherry furniture, upholstered recliners, room for family to relax, a birthing bed that adjusts for total comfort, your own whirlpool tub, and television - you'll find them all in our Women's Health & Birth Center. Yet hidden behind this elegant exterior, tucked away inside the cabinetry, is the very latest in medical technology.

We are proud to offer a variety of pain management options for our laboring patients.  To learn about the pain relief options offered in the WHBC, click HERE.  We also now offer nitrous oxide as alternative for helping with relaxation during contractions.  Learn more HERE.

At Fairview, we know nothing can compare to the birth of your baby. And nothing compares to having your baby at Fairview Range Medical Center's WHBC.

To learn more about our OB-GYN services at Fairview Mesaba Clinics, click HERE.

Maternal Child Care

The physicians, nurses and support staff at Fairview Range Medical Center realize your baby's birth is a miraculous event. Our medical staff includes an obstetrician, pediatricians, and family practice physicians dedicated to providing you and your family with high quality, personalized health care. 

We believe that the birth of your baby is an extraordinary event each family.We support that belief through our practice of family centered maternity care.Our goal is to meet not only the physical needs of the new mother and baby, but also the emotional and educational needs of the family.You and your baby will remain together during your stay as the nursing staff works with you to learn your baby's unique needs and behavior.We encourage your family to be involved during your stay and comfortable accommodations are available for partners/coaches that wish to remain with you and your baby. 

Baby's first pictures are some of the most treasured photos you may ever have. Hospital baby pictures are made available to you. Please check with the nursing staff for further details


Birthing/Prenatal Classes

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant in the near future or just learned that you are pregnant, you probably have a lot of questions. We are proud to sponsor, along with the Fairview Mesaba Clinics and the Essentia Clinic-Hibbing, a variety of pregnancy, parenting, and infant care classes through the Preparing for infant Parenting Program. Classes offered include First Steps To Parenting, Expectant Parent Class, Refresher Prenatal Class and a Pediatric Speaker Information Night for Parents. 

These classes cover a variety of topics, including newborn care and development, comfort measures for labor and delivery, and common childhood illnesses. Classes are taught by Women's Health and Birth Center staff, Public Health Nurses, and Hibbing Early Childhood and Family Education teachers. 


A visit to the Women's Health and Birth Center will help your other children prepare for the arrival of a new baby brother or sister. Children can bring a favorite doll or stuffed animal to pretend holding and changing a new baby. They will see a room like the one mom and the baby will be in during the hospital stay. This tour is geared for preschoolers and young school-age children. Try to tour one month before the baby is due to be born. 

Please call Fairview Range Medical Center's Women's Health & Birth Center at 218-362-6641 to arrange a tour at no charge. 

Prenatal Tests 

Non-Stress Test - this non-invasive test is performed by using an external monitor. It takes about 20-30 minutes and is done on an outpatient basis. It can give your physician a comprehensive report on our baby's status. 

Ultrasound - this testing procedure uses sonic waves which are beamed through your abdomen to the baby. These harmless waves are recorded on a screen and can tell your doctor what your baby's position is, his/her size, heart rate and general condition. 

Amniocentesis - for this specialized test, your physician extracts a sample of amniotic fluid from inside the placenta sac. This fluid is carefully analyzed and can reveal a number of health factors about your baby. It can also tell your doctor if your baby is ready for birth.

Premature Births

Occasionally a baby is born a little earlier than planned or with special health needs. Most times we are able to provide that extra special baby care in our Nursery. If your baby does require intensive medical care after birth, arrangements can be made quickly for transfer to a facility with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Lactation Services

Although nursing is natural, it's not always easy. Our lactation team will make sure you’re ready to breastfeed before you leave the hospital. They'll also be here for you as you adjust to life at home. 

At Fairview Range Medical Center, we strive to help mothers meet their personal infant feeding goals. We are proud to offer lactation consultations before, during and after your birth experience on the Women's Health and Birth Center with our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). We also have maternity care nurses with specialized training in breastfeeding and lactation care to be at your side during this special journey with your newborn. In an effort to provide the best support possible, we have lactation services available at the Fairview Mesaba Clinics as well. Our lactation services are available to any mother- even if you did not deliver your baby at Fairview Range. 

Outpatient Lactation Services Our lactation consultant is a registered nurse who is certified by the International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. She can help you address concerns like these: 

■ breastfeeding problems 

■ latch-on difficulty 

■ sore/damaged nipples 

■ engorgement 

■ slow or no weight gain 

■ need for supplemental feedings 

■ milk supply concerns - too much/not enough 

■ baby fussiness related to feedings 

■ jaundice and breastfeeding 

■ plugged ducts/mastitis 

■ advice on breastfeeding equipment 

■ returning to work while breastfeeding 

■ milk expression and storage information 

■ weaning advice 

To schedule an appointment with our lactation consultant, call 218-362-6641. Every effort will be made to return your call within 24 hours. Insurance Coverage As an outpatient service, Lactation Consultations are covered by most insurances and Medicaid

Contact Us

You can reach us by calling our direct dial phone at 218-362-6641 or the hospital main medical center number at 218-262-4881 or 888-870-8626.

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